Peace Killers Sign to Svart Records (Release & Stream)

Peace Killers Sign to Svart Records (Release & Stream)


Peace Killers signed to Svart Records today. They are currently working on a debut full-length album, but below is a preview track, “Young Man’s Shoes”, from their second EP.


The band has almost 40 years experience in the Northern California Punk/Hardcore scene, but their sound (on this sample track at least) is more reminiscent of hard rock/heavy metal, which a delightfully raw-yet-melodic mixture. Peace Killers are just what our music collections must be missing right now!



peacekillers band image



Their sound is intrinsically traditional, giving nods to acts such as KISS, Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Green’s Fleetwood Mac, KISS, UFO, Fu Manchu, Melvins, Queens of the Stone Age, Witchcraft, Red Fang, and Black Sabbath. However, they have that unmistakable ‘new’ sound, as well as duel-lead guitars, which will perk up your ears as soon as you hear the first notes. To call them a throwback to older bands is a drastic injustice, so just check out the sample track below; fans of hard rock and heavy metal are bound to enjoy themselves.




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