Siftercide – Self Titled, Bizarre Goregrind with Horns

Siftercide – Self Titled, Bizarre Goregrind with Horns


Siftercide play incredibly bizarre goregrind. While many bands play death metal and grind, few (if any) add trumpets, trombones and saxophones into the mix! Consisting of 19 tracks of insane bursts of speed, Siftercide’s upcoming Self Titled is a definite must listen to, for fans of the genre.


The band originally started in 2000 as a ‘shock rock’ goregrind project. However, after a handful of shows, demos, and CD-R releases went on hiatus. Eventually, the band picked up again and an album was recorded but never released. In 2012, the band dropped all old songs and started working on new material, this time incorporating a horn section.


The new incarnation of Siftercide has been busy playing locally and regionally from basements to established venues. This line-up, despite having a solid core, has a fleeting horn section, often playing shows without the brass. Current members allow Siftercide to be Siftercide, and there is no official line up as far as individuals are concerned.


SiftercideSelf Titled is set for release on September 16th, 2014, via Nailjar Records. Follow the band on their Facebook page.


As for the band’s line-up, they had this to say:

“We don’t have a ‘members’ list. Anyone and everyone can join/leave. Right now after how many years, we have a stable core. We are always looking to expand. We don’t use real names, stage names, or any names. We are simply – SIFTERCIDE.”