Sickrites – Irreverent Death Megaliths (Release & Stream)

Sickrites – Irreverent Death Megaliths (Release & Stream)

The Russian-formed band, Sickrites’ debut album, Irreverent Death Megaliths, is going to be re-released on 25th April, 2014 by Osmose Productions, for the first time on anything but vinyl. That means fans who have never been able to get their filthy hands on a copy can finally do so.

Want to hear some now? Scroll down to check out some songs from the upcoming re-release.

This kick-ass piece of black/death metal was inspired by Beherit, Demigod, Belial, (old) SamaelMaster’s Hammer, Blasphemy, Mysticum, Mythos, Nocturnus, Belial, Abhorrence.

Interestingly, Sickrites never actually met each other live, and did not rehearse together before recording the album. Despite that, or maybe because of it, the album is some good fucking metal!